Cozy Copenhagen

Today we have decided that it’s enough of spending a weekend at home, and it’s time to go out during the daytime!

We started our day with delicious salmon rolls at home watching funny videos and laughing on a sofa. After that, it was time for some shopping in the mall.Sadly, couldn’t find anything nice for myself, only the super cool kind of “suit” set from Zara. It will be perfect for summer with a pair of high-heels, clutch and matching accessories.

And it was time for lunch! We went to Copenhagen Street Food ( if you are planning to visit Copenhagen- definitely come to this place). It’s like a small market- all kind of cultural kitchen kiosks, a lot of food, people, drinks- super cool!

We had some kind of Brasilian kitchen meat, amazing sauce and talks talks talks ❤️

Outside we found a fireplace, where my boyfriend bought a suuuuuper delicious oreo cake. So so tasty! As this place is next so the sea, it was pretty chill, so to sit next to the fireplace was really cozy.

And here is my outfit. Very simple and casual.

Diesel jeans and shoes, Marc Jacobs bag, Envii white shirt and Burberry scarf.

Wishes from Copenhagen and thank you for reading ❤️

Now it’s time for some drinks!

Yours, Enrika 


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