Chia Pudding

I haven’t shared with you guys for a long time any food recipes! So finally- this is the day!



Summer is coming, so all of us need to clean a bit our bodies and everyday feeling. That’s why Chia Pudding is the best thing to loos weight, clean your body and feel great!

As you can see I made a super mini Chia Pudding and more fruits, but normally I have at least half of the cup.

It is super easy to make it and it doesn’t take a lot of time either.But firstly,  Chia seeds are an amazing source of Omega-3 fatty acids and contain 6 times more calcium than milk, can you imagine? It is so healthy for your body and what I like mostly, is that you feel so light and good!

When Chia seeds are placed into water, a membrane around the seed becomes jelly like – perfect for creating treats and desserts! For anyone that is following a paleo lifestyle, Chia seeds are a perfect way to create delicious treats that are within the paleo guidelines.

I do very simple, you can choose if you want to place the seeds into a water or as I do into the almond milk. With milk you have more taste and I just love almond milk. The best way is to leave it overnight, so the seeds will be super soft and jelly, but if you are in a hurry, it’s enough like 15-20 minutes.

Add whatever you like/have, such as muesli, fruits, or even marmalade for more sweetness.

And voila- you have your  breakfast or lunch! It’s also perfect if you are on a diet, cause you feel so full after one portion.

If you will make it, share it with me as well ❤

Yours, Enrika


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