Body care with &other Stories.

As you may know, I am becoming a big fan of &other Stories skin care, makeup and etc. It’s actually pretty strange that I don’t like so much their clothes, cause in a stores it looks so nice and cool, but every time I try it on myself it becomes a disaster 😄 , really!

Today, I want to share my experience of using body scrub (which is amazing!) body wash and body lotion.


All the line as you can see is from Steel garden. The scent is described as petals swept in a silver haze revealing hints of forever floral. Isn’t it romantic?? 😀

And actually yes, it’s smells like spring flowers on a sunny day and a little bit of vanilla ice-cream. Super fresh and not too sweet.

As you can see in my video, the packing is very comfortable, easy to use. For the scrub, I am using also the exfoliating glove, so after the shower my body feels so soft and moisturized. This scrub is super soft, I even use it for my lips. It’s a sugar scrubt that polishes amazingly, but try not to be super pushy, as the skin might be red after the procedure.

The body wash- richly scented,leaves the skin silky and clean. I love that the scent stays for half of the day after you apply the body lotion.

This Body lotion is my best friend in a bathroom at the moment. It hydrates the skin so deeply and it’s very light and absorbs into the skin almost immediately.

So girls, go to the store and try. Also the bottles are recyclable, so you can get 10% discount (Or maybe 15%) for your next purchase if you bring an empty bottle.

Thank you for reading! ❤️

Yours, Enrika


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