High-school habits and moisturized lips.

One more short post for the evening readings. As I wrote so many times in my previous posts, it is so important to take a good care of your lips.

Actually, when the Baby Lips was something wow for all the blogger and vloggers, I was pretty skeptical about it. Normally, I don’t like to try or share my experience when everybody is talking about it. Don’t know why, still have this habit  from the high-school times, that if somebody is wearing the same clothes, shoes or accessories as I am wearing that moment, I feel soooo bad! Was going home to change the look or try not to be with that person together. 😀

So I have bought these 2 lip balms just because it was on sale and my ego was saying that I have to try it. And you know what? I was very surprised that the balm moisturizes lips so damn good! ❤️

I have bought two different shades: one natural which gives a lot of “wet shine” and another peachy nude color.

The nude color you can actually use as a lipstick as well, cause it gives a perfect nude matte shade and moisturiz the lips. Another one, makes a super nice natural look with minimal touch of shine, and what I like a lot, that it has some cold/ mint feeling on a lips, which automatically plumps the lips 😊

Nevertheless, I love this cute design as well! ❤️ So pastel, simple and even stylish!

So to summarize,definitely worth to try and you can find a lot of different shades and designs as well, which wil fit you perfectly!

Yours, Enrika



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