So Feminine…

What can be more feminine than a silky, lacy and romantic or extravagant lingerie?

I have big addiction for lingerie as well, can buy the same amount as shoes ( which is my passion nr.1) every second day! πŸ˜€

Want to share with you some of my favorite brands and designs of bras or underwear’s.

In all of the pictures you will see that every piece has laces. It’s the most feminine thing that can be. It creates not only romantic look, but also gives some mystery.


For Love & Lemons, La Lilouche


All the ribbons, small flowers, tulle and minor details just simply looks adorable.

Don’t you feel the same, when you are wearing lingerie which you really like and feel special in it, the whole way of walking, talking and acting is completely different, no?

One of my favorite brands is For Love & Lemons. You can find not only amazing lingerie but also dresses, which looks unique as well.


Kate X Tee


Another favorite is a Lithuanian brand called Egzotique (follow them on Facebook for the newest designs). These girls, or I should call a designers now, I know personally from a high-school times. And what they are creating now, it’s just amazing. All the looks are so luxurious, feminine and sexy. Which are made with Love most importantly.




Some inspirational pictures for you and let’s rock tomorrow by being confident and feminine in our underwears ❀️

Yours, Enrika


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