YSL Beauty



As you may know, I am totally addicted to YSL cosmetics and make up. This time, I want to share my Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur shade 6. Super soft, glossy and easy to apply!

Of course, like all YSL lipglosses are moisturizing and nourishing your lips, whisch is so important in order to have healthy looking lips. Cause doesn’t matter how expensive lip gloss or lipstick you will use, but if your lips doesn’t look nice and are cracked, any lip gloss won’t look nice.

I really like dark color lip glosses, but this one is not so intensive as in a tube. Smells so adorable, like Mango, and stays for a few hours. Newertheless, after a while you still can see a contour on a lips.

This is the old tube design, and honestly, the news ones are not so good as this one! I am quite sure that you still can find where to buy online or check the YSL website where you can buy a golden gloss version with 24 carat gold flakes!

Definitely both creates a mirror effect and are weightless.

Psst..: I am planning to make a video tutorial of how do I curl my hair. Keep updated! ❤
Yours, Enrika


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