Wishlist for February


So February is almost here already and I have created my personal wishlist or what to buy for this month! 🙂 Sounds like a lot of fun, hugh?

Here is what I really need. Okay, what I really want 😀

  • New Balance sneakers, it fits with any outfit, looks stylish and it’s so comfortable! Haven’t decided yet which color to buy, but most likely I will go with black. What do you think? It also would be cool to make your own design, which is possible on New Balance website, but sadly only for U.S. market..
  • Oversized sweater, really want to feel cozy and warm at the same time and the best thing which will make you to feel like that is an oversized sweater with cashmere or wool. Skinny jeans/ leather pants, oversized sweater with long shirt underneath and with ankel boots. Mmmm, sounds good!!
  • Coat! The problem is to decide what color- green or grey? After I have changed my hair color I definitely started to wear and use more colors! 😀 Wool coat, will be perfect to add some chic’ness for the outfit and also not to get cold as the weather is pretty tricky these months. Not cold but also not too warm.
  • Jeans and oversized shirt– I have so many (both of them) but it is never enough. White shirt gets dirty so fast, and also from washing them so many times, it becomes not so white any more. And yes, Jeans… Every season I feel that I want another design, from skinny to boyfriend, from boyfriend to slim leg and etc.  I think you understand me! ❤
  • Next one is new set of brushes. Was thinking about real techniques, but Zoeva brushes looks so adorable as well. I have quite many already, but sometimes when I do a proper make up, I feel that it is not enough. Would like as well with some golden design too!
  • Last but not least is a new laptop! I am seriously, so BAD with it 😀 It brakes too fast, or I spill something on it, or I drop by the accident on a flor, it’s just not for me,really. So I am planning to buy a new MacBook Pro 13 inches screen and order a marble cover for it. Will look so cute and stylish! Yeeeppyyy, over excited! 😀 If you know any good websites where I could buy cheaper than in a store, please drop the link in a comment 🙂 ❤


So here is my wishlist and goal list for the upcoming month! Hope will be able to buy all of these beauties ❤

All the pictures are from Pinterest 

Yours, Enrika



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