Steel Garden

Steel Garden hand cream from &Other Stories- makes your hands so soft and moisturized, that you want to apply it again and again! ❤️ It is described as Petals swept in a silver haze revealing hints of forever floral. 

And it is actually! My hands smells like a flowers, and then you close the eyes, you disappear in summer, surrounded by flowers, bees, grass and a blue sky…

The touch of the hands feels like it was Mum❤️

It’s only 30ml, but will be enough for a few months. There is a huge variety of these creams, so find your favorite in a stores. Definitely worth to try and it is not so expensive. Especially then Sales are running.

Check it here

Yours, Enrika ❤️

2 thoughts on “Steel Garden

  1. Labai patogu ir natūraliau, nei plastmasinėse. Bėje, & Other Stories rūšiuoja grožio priemonių buteliukus, tai kai sunaudoji gali atnešti į parduotuvę, bei gausi 10% atgal prekės vertės 🙂


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