Cashmere face and lips

After so many messages I received about my Pinky World, I am feeling that I have to do this review even faster! ❤️

Today I will talk about Anti-Stress Moisturising cream Hydra Zen from Lancôme and Nourishing lip bal Night Balm from Kiko Milano.


To take a good care of the skin has to be a routine the whole year. A skin has to be moisturized  and hydrated. When you are being stressed, a first sign of it will be on a skin. Don’t you agree?

Thus, skin tends to dehydrate, to become more sensitive and uncomfortable: imperfections appear. This Lancôme cream helps to prevent skin from any signs of stress.

I love the smell. It reminds me when I was a small girl and always wanted to have the same creams as my mum, which smells so luxurious, clean and feminine.

This cream is ideal for all types of skin and you will see a results already after a week! Skin will be lastingly hydrated, and will appea radiant and smoothed. Skin tone will look much more fresher than before!

After you took a good care of your face skin, now it is time to do the same with your lips. It is also super important to have a moisturized and soft lips. Not only for kissing ( I miss my boy 😀) but also if you want to have a healthy looking lips or to have a perfect lips makeup.

Kiko Milano Night Balm will repair your lips already after the first time! Apply it before you go to sleep and in a morning you will have a noisturized lips. This lip balm does a perfect job while you sleep by  rebalancing a level of hydration and promote cell turnover for restructed lips- a must have for winter and summer especially.

And of course it is paraben free!

To summarize, I am super happy to have these products and it really does work!

Yours, Enrika ❤️


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