Being glamorous

Do you realize that in the last few years women started to act even more like a man? The way of talking, walking, carrying hundreds of shopping backs ( okey, I am not talking about apparel, cause it’s nice to walk the street with the  bags where you have a new dress or a pair of shoes),  also etiquette…

Want to share some pictures (all of them are from pinterest) and try to inspire you to be a little bit more feminine. As I wrote yesterday on my Instagram profile ” Don’t forget to look like a real lady if you want to have a realgentlemen  next to you”. 

We should start wearing dresses more often, high-heels, don’t go out to buy food only with pijama. Of course I have these days as well where you don’t care about anything, but personally I always feel much better when I know that I’m prepared 100%

Stay elegant, self confident and enjoy your life! Have a look at these beautiful pictures ❤️

Hope you enjoyed!

Yours, Enrika ❤️


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