New Year- New Goals


Happy New Year my dear, readers! ❤️ Want to wish all of you best of luck, courage, believe, love, inspiration and all the best!

Want to start my first blog post of 2016 saying that I have grand plans for my blog and future career, will work super hard to get where I am planning to be, and with your support I know that it will be much easier! So please subscribe to be the first one to read the newest blog post!

I am for holidays in Lithuania now and here is super cold, -22C !! Can you imagine? So due to this cold I have bought a super nice Fox fur coat. Have a look! So warm, soft and amazingly beautiful colour. It’s one of my favorites! ❤️

Moreover, I am planning to change my blog name and all the design and layout, but will tell you about this later. So keep updated 😘

Want to share so more pictures from my holidays and already go to make a plan for my future blog posts, as the last month I wasn’t so active.. sorry sorry!


Love you guys and talk to you soon!

Yours Enrika ❤️


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