Apple pie


I am so bad in baking  cakes, cookies and other delicious ‘art pieces’. Yes, for me it’s like an art piece, because I never ever know how it will be for me, after I will take it from the oven 😀

But this time and my very first time, it was soooo delicious and you know what? EASY!

Want to share a recipe with you and some pictures from the process. Enjoy and Bon Appetite! ❤

IMG_2446      What you will need is:
150 g. butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 cup milk
2 t.sp. baking powder
A bit of salt
6 pcs apple
Powdered sugar and cinnamon

1cup= 250ml


First you have to combine a butter with sugar till it becomes white.

While mixing add the eggs, salt, milk and don’t forget to mix every time you are adding the ingredients.  Combine a baking powder together with the flour and then pour to the bowl where are you mixing everything.

Soile the baking dish with a butter and then pour everything there.



Pour Cinamon on the apples. I like cinnamon a lot, so I always add a lot as well 😀 Prepare the slices as a very first one, so you will be ready after you finish with the mixture.






It looks so yoummy!! Even now I want to eat it, but sadly I am on a diet… As you can see I made some muffins as well from the mixture leftovers. Preheat oven and bake for 35-40 minutes 180C


Bon Appetite! Super easy and delicious cake.  Try and write me how was it for you! ❤

LT receptas:

150g. sviesto
1 stiklinė cukraus
2 kiaušiniai
2 stiklinės miltų
1 stiklinė pieno
2 a.š kepimo miltelių
žiupsnelis druskos
6 vnt obuolių
cukraus pudra ir cinamonas pabarstymui

Sviestą išsukti su cukrumi(iki baltumo), įmušti po vieną kiaušinį. Maišant, berti druską, pilti pieną, išmaišyti. Įsijoti miltus sumaišytus su kepimo milteliais, dar kartą maišyti. Supilti į kepimo indą išteptą sviestu ir apibarstytą miltais. Ant viršaus dėti skiltelėmis(plonomis) obuolius apibarstytus cinamonu, dėti į orkaitę įkaitintą iki 180laipsnių ir kepti apie 35-40min.
Iškepus apibarstyti cukraus pudra ! ❤

With Love,


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