How I found a ‘must have’ or the best foundation ever!

Do you know how long it takes to find the right foundation?? I have bought 4 different ones already and non of them was the right one.

So I have decided to visit Sephora and choose between Nars, Marc Jacobs and Make Up For Ever foundations. I was already before a big fan of Make up forever, bur after they have changed so much in their products I was a bit afraid to buy it.

Buut… Sephora had a good salesman there 😀 He made a makeup for me and shared his opinion between the other brands and finally I made a right choice.  (So happy!!)

I have a shade nr. 118 Flesh, very light and soft. And what I like mostly, that it feels like a second skin! Seriously. It makes a medium-high coverage and the skin still looks natural ( especially in a pictures 🙂 ) I made my halloween makeup using this foundation and guess what, it was the same make up when I came back home! So moisturized and flawless.

I would recommend to use it with a primer. I tried with Base hydratante. Feels so firm and that everything is in the right place! Keeps the makeup much longer.

Of course, don’t forget to use only a small amount of foundation if you want to keep it fresh, light and natural. Don’t use it too much, especially when winter is coming 😀

Have you tried this? Would love to hear your opinions ❤️




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