Christian Dior vs. Golden Rose 

Is the brand name guarantees that the product will be as good as it is being advertised? Today I want to compare 2 lip glosses, one is from Christian Dior another from Golden Roses.
So, let’s start with CD.

Dior addict fluid stick, colour 754-pandore. First thing what comes into my mind  is that the lip gloss is very smooth and has a foamy texture. Easy to apply and super rich colour. It is a long-wearing lipgloss, so you don’t have to re-correct so often, but be sure that you do not apply to much! Because of the texture it is a little bit watery, you can ruin all your make up! Super glossy and has a mirror shine.

Because of the applicator shape, it is very easy to create a nice contour of the lips. Not necessary to use the pencil before.

Definitely, the design is amazing. Looks very chick and classy, which gives luxurious feeling.

Golden Rose Luxury Rich Color-color 13. Very intense colour and smooth as well. This color is super deep and gives a moisturized feeling for the lips. One disadvantage is the applicator. At least for me, it’s not so comfortable to use. The colour stays also for a long time but not as long as Christian Dior. Who likes to have a glosses with a little bit of shine, then definitely you have to try this. It also smells a bit fruity.

So what is the conclusion in the end?  Price wise, Dior is not worth ( keeping in mind only this product, because I’m in love with many different ones, which I’m buying all the time). But it lasts much longer than Golden Rose. And even if you clean your lips, you will still have a ‘pinkish’ shade. But Golden Rose is not so watery which I like a lot! Because you can feel safe when you go out, no feeling that your teeth are red or something else. 

Have you tried any of these? What are you opinions? Looking forward to hear!

With Love,



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