Lassie’el- everyday fresh cosmetics

Long time ago on instagram, I promised to make a review about Lassie’el products. Which areinsanely amazing! It was my first time to try Korean beauty products and really, it’s even better than any Chanel or Rodial cosmetics! 🙈

Let’s start with Night Miracle.

It looks like this, you have to mix everything with this little spoon (it smells heavenly) and that amount is enough for 2 times.

Night Miracle box consists of 4 different packs.

  1. Moisturizing Egg sleeping pack.
  2. Brightening Pearl shell sleeping pack.
  3. Lifting Avocado sleeping pack.
  4. Soothing Mango sleeping pack.

You can see the difference immediately. The skin looks fresh, much younger (even for my age skin!), relaxed and shinny in a good way.

Another product is Vitamin essence powder.

Very easy to use!

Thoroughly clean dry your face and pour a powder in your palms (don’t be afraid of the sound, it starts to sizzle😄), and gently massage your face. You can’t see the results immediately, but after using for a while, skin becomes very beautiful ❤️

Vitamin B attracts water to hair and skin, moisturize, regenerate and soften a skin.

Vitamin E protects from oxidant damages, moisturize and helps for anti- inflammatory. Also it has healing and anti-aging effects.

Vitamin C protects from oxidant damages as well as anti-inflammatory. Also it lightens the skin and improves elasticity.

P.s. It’s paraben free!!

I have bought more products so today it was only a part I. 😂

Keep updated and check their website:

With Love,



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