Bruschetta with Brie and Tomatos 


Long time ago I have not showed or shared any recipes with you guys so it is time already to open my recipe  book! 

Very easy and simple, shown with pictures step by step, of how to make the most delicious bruschetta ever!

I used a home made bread, because then you can choose how big the slices you want to have (make thicker in case you will add to much cheese) 
Apply  a thin layer of butter, add some brie and  mozzarella cheese.

Thin slices of tomatoes and of course basilikum. You can add some rosmarin or mynth if you like as well.


A little bit of olive oil on top, in order not to make the bruschetta burn. And I baked for 10 min at 200C•

For a little bit stronger taste I add some balsamico.

If you like, add some dried tomatoes as well!

Voilà❤️ very simple and very tasteful! 

With Love,



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