Julia Janus design


When I was visiting my home country, I had a lovely morning start at Julia Janus store and the office. They are creating amazing master-piece clothing and a lifestyle, such as home decor and kitchen, products. 

Eye-cathing design and interesting silhouettes of the clothes, which are all from the natural materials, made me wanted to buy all the store! 😀  


A big dinning table with stylized dishes and candles, makes the unique atmosphere. You feel there cozy and relaxed like at home, but at the same time you know that it is a designer creation and art. 


Every small pieces have their own meaning which makes the product, I would call, warm to your soul.  Wooden plates, chamotte, stones thematic, everything is so natural and pieceful. But of course has the crazy drive and lye. 


Every corner is intertwined with each other. Clothes with dishes, dishes with kitchen, kitchen with recipes books, and all in all with Home and Lifestyle. 


If you live in Paris or New York you will have the opportunity to see the new SS16 collection. 

Who’s next Paris, 4-7 September

Tranoi NYC, 18-20 September

Check their website and on-line store. It is simple unique ❤️


With Love,



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