Peonies & other stories 

Today was a perfect day. I had a day off from my work, so I went for a small shopping, made a dinner for my love and just relaxed. Of course, I have to buy something if I am at the shopping center.. It is so bad, sometimes I am buying seriously crap 😀

Actually,  I should stop doing this 🙈

But today I decided to buy only something for home. So I went to &other stories for a body lotians and hand soap and surely to browse the new clothes. 

This &other stories hand soap, which smells a little bit sweat but at the same time has some “wind” smell. Hands become very soft, similar feeling after using the hand lotion. Now I just want to wash my hands every second 😀 

You can find so many different smells and colours of the soaps, body lotions and etc. I already found my next perfume. Looking forward to share it with you ❤️


With Love,



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