Are you ready for the festival?!

The best thing about summer is of course festivals! Music, movies, arts or even friends reunions festivals- something what everyone wants and waits!

Here are some ideas what you can wear during the festivals. How to be stylish but at the same time to wear comfortable clothes. Do not forget to wear layers, so you could take it off/on in case it gets cold or toooo hooot ❤

All the clothes are from ROMWE !


Jumpsuits – find the perfect one for yourself.

Jumpsuits fits perfectly for the festivals period, especially for the hot summer days! Good if you want to get some tan, feel comfortable (maybe not than you have to go to the toilet! 😀 ) I would use it with espadrilles, convers or a simple sandals.


Bags – have something different!

I would recommend you to have something small, where you can put only your lip balm, phone and a protection cream from sun! Feeling unique and different from all the people it is always a nice thing- at least for me! 😀 Especially, when there are thousands of people and half of the girls has similar bags, it would be hard to find in case you would left it somewhere. So go for something different- different shape, design, colorful, and most importantly take the bag which has a zipper- we don’t want to loose anything, right?

Hope you enjoyed some tips for the festivals period!

Add some sparkle with Gold Bohoo Tattoos as well and you will be a star of those summer nights!

Find you perfect clothes from  ROMWE and be ready to enjoy your life ❤

With Love,



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