My new top

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Sometimes, while browsing the internet you can find so many great websites or ideas! And I have found this super cool website there you can buy a looooooot of nice clothes, shoes, accessories and much more! I will show you my top items. Honestly, I felt in love with those and really looking forward to buy them all! I am not kidding.  Check it here!

There are so many unique styles for dresses or high heels and at the same time, simple and casual jeans with t-shirts for a very god price!!

Here is more my favorite items ❀

Processed with Moldiv

Isn’t not nice?  Just imagine those clothes on a tan skin, feeling so feminine and ready to concur the world.  After browsing this website I made my wishlist much much longer.  Don’t forget to check more

IMG_7321 IMG_7322

Just look at these beautiful dresses. The left one reminds me a lot of D&G style, and the right one even “smells” how the lady should look like. And the price is incredible low, for the right one is only 24 US$ !! So how to resist for not buying?

IMG_7315 IMG_7316 IMG_7317 IMG_7319 IMG_7324 IMG_7326 IMG_7330 IMG_7333

Do you like any of these? If yes, let’s order together from Sheinside  ❀

With Love,



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