MYE Kosmetik


MYE Kosmetik product development is based on the latest scientific findings regardless of short-term trends. Each component and substance and its effect is tested on a molecular level and by many users. Sophisticated cosmetic solutions – made in Germany- are the result.

I have tried 4 different creams and in overall, I really enjoyed and liked. The skin was moisturized so well and the luxury smell made my day and night just incredible. And now shortly about each of them.

  1. Beautiful day– very light and soft, not too watery. The skin feels firmer and smoother and in the beginning I thought that I had some kind of second layer. Already after 24 hours I could see the difference on my face. Lighten, brighten and much firmer.  15ml- 30€
  2. Brilliant eyes–  smooth and good consistence cream. I was applying every evening before I went to sleep, and the next morning I could see already, that the eyes area looked so bright and the skin had the right tone. Even after the long day and just a few hours off sleep, my face looked totally fresh and ready for the next day! I liked it a lot.   15ml- 45€
  3. Relaxing night– for me it is very hard to find the right night cream, but this one was the right one for my face. In the beginning it was a strange feeling, that I have some kind of mask on my face, but the results in the morning there stunning! Smooth, relaxed and firmed. It is definitely in my wishlist! 15ml- 30€
  4. Precious skin–  for hand and decollete care.  Hands felt very smooth and soft, but only for the first half an hour. Later I had a feeling that I have to use it one more time, because the moisturizing was not lasting for long. BUT for decollete it was much better. Like all the other creams it was firmed so well that I was very pleasant surprised.  75ml- 40€

Definitely, I would recommend to try it, It is worth every cent! Packing was very nice and the delivery very fast 🙂

You can read more about MYE Kosmetik here

I want to say big THANK YOU for letting me to try it and to fall in love with this brand ❤

With Love,



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