W7 cosmetics

Every girls likes cosmetics, that is absolutely normal and then the girl gets a nice package full of cosmetics  the day becomes even better! 

W7 cosmetics has been found 10 years ago and only half a year ago I have tried for my very first time! The quality is actually sooo good (keeping in mint that it is a budget makeup brand). It can be reviewing with Clarins or MAC. Because it is super good!


Let’s start from the eyeshadows palette. 

It got smashed a bit in the envelope but still it makes a perfect work in my daily makeup routine! The shades are perfect for my lifestyle. It can go mostly with all my clothes and accessories so that is pretty good! πŸ™‚ 

They blended very easily and do not crumble. It is really important for me, because after you make your skin to look perfect with foundation and concealers and after using the eyeshadows it’s just ruined.. So with W7 everything is in the places πŸ˜€   


My top lipstic of this season! Seriously.  A perfect raspberries colour, last really long, no need to apply many times. I have it always in my purse ❀️ so summerish and beautiful!

Brow twister! That’s an amazing brows pen! I got a dark brown shade which fits perfectly. Very easy to apply and stays for the whole day! It is enough creamy for making a good colour 😍 

I want to say big Thank You to all W7 team for making my makeup look adorable! I felt in love with this brand and look forward for trying this cosmetics later ❀️

Pssstt.. Here is my makeup with W7 


With Love

Enrika ❀️


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