Victoria’s Secret lipglosses


VS have not only amazing lingeries but also a makeup. All the Beauty Rush lipglosses shine so nice, smells adorable and stays pretty long!  

Let’s start from my favorite one. It’s called Taffy go Lucky (pink). Smells like a bubble gum, not so pink on a lips as in the tube. It has a small golden shimmering but it is not too much noticeable. It’s very glossy and make the lips fuller and pouty.   

The next one Delicious shade is more like pearl shade. Has some pinkish, silver and of course small golden shimmering. The same as Taffy go Lucky makes the lips look much fuller. Just doesn’t have an intense taste.

Each shade has a very cute “names” ๐Ÿ˜Š Sweet sangria, candied, citrus kissed and etc..

Do you like these VS lipglosses? Share your experience with me! 

With Love,

Enrika โค๏ธ

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