Beauty tips 2


Every day I find something new, some new tricks or tips. Have a look what I have found, maybe it will be helpful for you!

  • Always allow about two fingers from your nose to where blush starts.
  • Spin your brush in small circles from the cheekbone to hairline, this trick will give flawless and airbrushed look.
  • For fuller lips, extend the lip line using a flesh tone lip liner. Be careful not to go overboard, though!
  • To make your nail polish look matte hold your nails for three seconds over the steam coming from the simmering food.
  • Instead of layering on powder before happy hour, press a few drops of face oil over your cheeks to refresh your foundation and create a super natural look.
  • If you have greasy hair, avoid directly conditioning roots and condition from your ear down to ends.
  • After using a a hair conditioning mask, follow with β€œa cold water rinse to close the hair cuticles.
  • Use a cream or milk cleanser to wash your face. Creams are less drying than gels.

Do you have your own beauty tips? Comment bellow and share it with me.

With Love,



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