Today’s makeup

Sun is shinning, early morning, I can hear a lovely music from the birds so I have decided to make my makeup sunny as well❤️

Have a look what I was using today!

My new love for moisturizing the skin is a day cream with avocados  from Marmozel. More about this brand I will write in my next post.

HR queen sexy black mascara, good for daily using,but as I wrote before ready nothing special. 

YSL matt touch foundation/cover. I use it only on a cheeks, gives a bit darker colour, so don’t need to use a lot of bronzer.

My forgotten and favorite eye- shadows colour Steel Magnolias from Too Faced. 

Soooo good! Easy to apply, last for 24hours, beautiful palette and colours! ❤️ I like everything from Too Faced brand. Packing and appearance is excellent!  

As a lipstick today I am using Too Faced Mood Swing. I wrote about it before that it changes a colour on your lips depending on your mood! From pinkish white to a petal pink ❤️

Last but not least, Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner. Very soft and I like that it’s not too watery, who likes to make cat eyes, you should try this one as well 😊

Hope you liked!

With Love,

Enrika ❤️ 

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