My purse

Some details from what I have today in my purse.

Bag from Armani Jeans , my favorite pink notebook with all the schedules and to do list, vintage wallet, Tangle Teezer hair brush, The Body Shop almond hand and nail cream. It moisturises hands very well and it is suitable for all skin types. The Body Shop lip gloss vith some vanilla flavour. Does not last for long, but I like how it looks on my lips. YSL Top Secrets re-plumping concentrate lip and contour shaper. It is my TOP, very soft, transparent and makes incredible things to your lips. Estee Lauder revitalizing supreme. I always have in my purse something for my face, cause you never know what can happen. 😊

With Love,



2 thoughts on “My purse

    1. Ne, dar nerasiau!:) zinok, man patinka visa TOP SECRET linija YSL. Sitas balzamas tai labai graziai paryskina lupu konturus, ilgai laikosi ir malonus jausmas ant lupu!:))


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