BIOK laborotory

Such a good feeling then you get a present. BIOK laborotory is one of the biggest cosmetic producers in the Baltic Countries. Their brands such as Ecodenta, Margarita, Rasa and Aras are one of the most popular products in the market.

As I am from Lithuania it is nice to see that you have local products in the market, that the people are moving forward, they are creating something special for each of us.

Let’s start from Rasa Micellar Water. 

Micellar water – perfect skin cleanliness and exceptional sensation of freshness. Micelles are the molecules attract all dirt to itself thus efficiently cleansing the skin. The formula is supplemented with allantoin promoting cell regeneration, and with efficiently moisturizing panthenol. RASA: a formula that protects beauty.

Then you apply it on your face you start to feel some coldness and freshness. Cleans the make up very well, not oily and moisturize the face at the same time. Fits for every skin type,definitely  would offer for each of you! Like like like! 5*

Beauty drop face cream with double nourishing effect, argan and almond oil. This product is based on natural oils that act in perfect synergy. Very light, quickly absorbs into the skin by leaving clean and healthy skin effect. You can feel something like a protective film on the face. 5*

Ecological cleansing milk with oat milk and marigold extract. Very gentle and soft, cleans perfectly all the makeup and you do not need to use a lot! If you have skin redness then it is perfect for you if you want to reduce it. Wash it with water afterwords. Suitable for even very dry and sensitive skin. 4*

Ecodenta cinamon toothpaste against caries with rosemary extract and Teavigo. Has a very specific scent and taste but is very effective and leaves a long-lasting fresh breath. By using it for a while be sure that you will have a healthy teeth.  Surely for everyone who likes sweets! 😊 5* 

All the products you can buy at their website

I want to thank again this amazing company for making my day much better and by having a small touch to my home country.


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