Here is my makeup for today. Very simple and casual.

YSL foundation. Older edition from Eclact. I do not like it so much that is why I have it for a long time already. But still need to finish it ☺️ 3,5*. It’s too smooth and lasts just for a few hours. 

HR Lash Queen Sexy Black mascara. I got it as a present for Christmas. Actually it is quite good and the lashes become longer and darker twice. 4*

Chanel 38 Premier Regard eyeshadows. Definitely 4,5*. Easy to apply, last for many hours and one of my favorite palette.

Estee Lauder signature eyeshadows. I have a brown color which can actually go as your blush as well. 4,5*

And Victoria Secret’s Beauty Rush lipgloss. Light color with a bit of pink/silver shade. I love the smell and that it’s very glossy 😊 And it moisturize your lips a lot! 4*

If you have any questions, just ask! ❤️

With Love,



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