Beauty tips

While I am having a cozy evening at home, I want to share with you, my Dears, some beauty tips. Especially the ones for the evening…

– If you want to feel a soft lips then you wake up, take some almond oil and apply a thin layer over your lips before you will go to sleep.

– If you have coconut oil ( almond is also okay) apply a small amount of it to your cuticles. It will soften, moisturize and strengthen your nail while you will be sleeping.

-If you want to decrease the amount of your hair breakage, try to sleep on a silk pillowcase.

-Do not forget, that skin hydration is the key to beautiful skin!

-To whiten your teeth brush them with baking soda before you will go to sleep.

-For stronger and longer eyebrows/eyelashes moisturize it with caster oil.

– For smoother feet, try to exfoliate a bit with your scrub witch you have at home, rinse it off and dry. Then you just put a thick layer of Vaseline or oil (almond, coconut or just olive), take your warm socks and go to sleep, girl.

Most importantly, never go to bed with your makeup on! Even if you don’t wear any makeup, wash it with a cleanser or just water all the sweat and pollution you pick up on your face during the day!

With Love,




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