Today’s make up

As I had my alarm 1 hour earlier than normally (guess how I managed to do it 😄), I had some time for my make up. Then I am going to work, I use only foundation, mascara and some blush but for today I have decided to use a bit more! 😊


Here are the pictures of what I have used for today! Have a look ❤️


About the eyeshadows you can read in my previous post.

Diorshow extase mascara one of my favorite mascaras which I am using at the moment. I like the brush, super comfortable with extravagant lash- fattening power and a lash-care formula. Like like like! 4,5*

Today I have used Le teint touche eclat foundation from YSL. A lot of bloggers loves it, but I couldn’t say the same. I can agree that it’s weightless and highlights the contours of the face, but for me it lasts maybe for 2-3 hours. Another disadvantage, it’s too watery and I don’t like it…
About the Boddy shop pearls you can read in my previous review. 😊
Mac blot powder also nothing special, leaves stains but last for the whole day. 3,5*

One of my favorite eyeshadows palette. It’s from Estee Lauder, you can see another shades palette in my previous review. Easy to apply, lasts for 24hours and comfortable to have in your purse. 5*

Chanel rouge coco shine. I just adore it! It hydrates my lips, feels like a lipgloss and just a perfect nude colour. Strong 5*


If you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to ask!

With Love,


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