Silky hair ❤️

It is so beautiful to see healthy, strong and shiny hair. Every girl put a looooot of efforts to make it, but sometimes it is pretty hard to find the right one for You.
I like to experiment with buying new shampoos and conditioners. Here is what I am trying right now.


Brazilian Keratin shampoo, I still can’t say that it makes some magic with your hair, but that I don’t need to use straightener later that is for sure! It is because of Bio-mimetic keratin formula which makes your hair straighter and more silky.

Then I was considering what conditioner to buy( I mean the same Brazilian Keratin brand or not) I red loads of good reviews about Loreal Mythic Oil conditioner and simply decided to try. Conditioner I like definitely more than shampoo. The hair becomes so silky and nourished. I can see that it helped for hair loss. It might be because of really magical deep repair masque ( Macadamia oil masque, I have wrote a review about it before) which makes miracles with my hair.

Not forgetting about the oils for hair! Right now I am using Lee Staford argan oil, which smells so nice and at the same time strong.


I put a small drop on my hands, massage a bit and then applying on the hair endings (Yes, I do not use this one for the whole head). I would rate it 4* from 5.
The next one, which is totally my love is Biosilk. I have found it maybe 8 years ago with my mummy at the beauty exposition in Lithuania. She bought everything from Biosilk ( the brand has shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, hair silk, body lotions and etc.) already after the 1st try my hair have changed completely. I highly recommend to everyone to try Biosilk brand and especially hair silk. I apply it on all hair( can be applied on wet and dry hair), just don’t put too much! It has interesting smell which I totally adore and of course most importantly is the result! I rate it 5*** from 5.

Have you ever tried any of these products or want to know more, comment bellow! 😄

With Love,


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