The Body Shop

Long time ago I started to like the body shop, but as for a school girl to buy all the cosmetics from there was a bit too expensive, I let myself to afford only the body butters or a lip balms.
But time goes fast and the girls grow to a beautiful independent ladies.
Here is what I have found today!


– Aloe and soft Linen body, room and linen spritz. Smells so fresh, clean and dewy.
– Pomegranate and raspberry body, room and linen spritz. So fruity but not too sweat! Has essential oils and helps uplift the senses.
– Carbon eye definer. Very soft but with intense colour eyeliner. It is water resistance and with a long wear formula. Easy to make smoky eye look.
– Wild argan oil hand cream. Skin feels so smooth, elastic, moisturized and relaxed. Smells nice, not intensively.
– Passion Fruit body butter. It melts straight away into the skin leaving an exotic smell on your skin. Moisturize a LOT!
– Pink hair chalk. Easy to use and easy to wash. Just use some hair spray to hold the colour on the hair!

With Love,
Enrika ❤️


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