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I do not know why, but for everyone it is interesting or just fun to see what other people are having in their purses, what kind of cosmetics or perfume are using or even what stupid stuff they have!
So here is my cosmetics from today, have a look!:)


Then it is cold and rainy outside, I like to use a perfume witch reminds me of summer, sea and waves. Memories are bringing me back.. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent smell is so fresh, light and it energize my body!

Another piece from Elizabeth Arden is the best-selling foundation. Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup. Now they have a different design( no more black! Everyone loves gold!). If you want to cover your face with a perfect creamy texture that goes on effortlessly for a flawless, radiant finish- then it is perfect for you! I definitely like it. The color lasts for the whole day, and even it minimizes the pores!

The next one is my “ex-lover”. It is Estee Lauder -Double Wear Stay-in-Place flawless wear concealer.


In the beginning it was just perfect for my skin, but later somehow it “stopped working” for me. It is light creamy and I have a shade of 01 Light. The biggest disadvantage for me that it does not last more than a few hours on my face. But as the lover of Estee Lauder I recommend to try, maybe it will be perfect for you!

Eyes eyes eyes. What can be more beautiful? To show even more beauty of my eyes I used Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner Moire.


It is easy to use then it has a longer brush. The liquid liner can make your eyes from very dramatic look to whatever you can imagine. It has some shimmery reflections (what I really like!) that adds some chick to your look. It is long wear but easy to wash! Has 7 different colors, maybe one of them will be yours?:)

After magical eyes look you can follow your magic with your lips.. ❤ I like dark color lipsticks and lipgloss that is why I chose my still old design but the same quality Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur shade 6.


FABULOUS! No other words. Glossy, long wear, no shimmering but it shines very beautiful. Lightweight texture which melts on your lips.
Even after changing the design and a brush it is the same magical moment then you put on your lips.
And be sure girls, dark red wine color really attracts the guys (sorry my Love!)

Write your comments and opinions!

With Love,
Enrika ❤


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