PATYKA Parisian natural luxury

Searching for a perfect face cream or repair night serum? Or maybe face and body serum?

Every PATYKA skincare is certified organic. PATYKA sublimates the skin thanks to efficiency proven products, which are highly concentrated in biotechnological active ingredients and plants extracts.

PATYKA invite you into the Luxury of a mastered and fulfilling moment.

First what I have tried is a Face Cream. Makes a feeling on your skin as it would be a silk. 99,94% of ingredients from natural origin.
20,27% of ingredients from organic agriculture.
Smells nice and moisturize your skin a lot!
50ml -42€


Order online or read more info here

The next one I have tried was Repair Night Serum . Highly recommend to everyone!


100% natural, you can smell a lot of natural herbs. Oily consistence absorbs very fast and in a morning your skin is just heavenly beautiful!!
15ml -74€

Order online or read more here

Last but not least is Face and Body Serum . Like all PATYKA production it os 100% natural.

It is Radiance revealing, anti-oxidant,, nourishing, regenerating and toning. Serum consist of 12 essential and vegetal oils.
50ml -49€
Order online or read more here

Here was PATYKA. A Parisian beauty.. Highly recommended for those who wants to feel special, have a silky and healthy skin and have a 100% natural luxury production.
Made in France

With Love,


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