And here is the time to make a short reviews about my last post.
It is always nice to get something, but not always it fits to your skin.

Let’s start from the biggest pros that can be:)


It is absolutely amazing! You can feel the difference already after 1st time of using it. My hair has never been so soft and it smells adorable. And it is very easy to use. Just wash your hair and put this masque on clean and wet hair for 7 minutes and then rinse it!
Definitely recommend for everyone who has dry or damaged hair.
Do not use it for more than once a week.

Second product which was pretty good it a Sally Hansen xtreem wear nail polish.


Just one con, do not use any base coat, or it will be hard to make a nice nails. It last long and shine like with the gel polish.

Cons. Sadly, but I was very disappointed.


It is not so intense color as it “supposed” to be. And it is more blurry than intense.
It last for a longer time, but it is also pretty hard to wash it up.

Sisley Cosmetics I definitely like, I just chose a wrong shade , that is probably why I have not liked it so much, but there are some pro’s: it is really light and comfortable on my skin and it moisturize a lot!



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