Sally Hansen


I just adore this nail care brand! I started to use Sally Hansen long time ago, but sometimes you just forget how good it is.

My 2 most favorite things are
1. Nailgrowth miracle. And it REALLY helps!
Mostly I am kind of skeptical about these “miracles” but this one DEFINITELY works! It has Keratin, Biotin, Peptides and Multi-Vitamins.
Use it every(second) day as a top or base coat and within a 5 days you will see a result already!
2. Vitamin E nail and cuticle oil.
It has some pros and cons. I liked that the cuticles gets softer immediately and it moisturize pretty good. But what is the biggest disadvantage that it is toooo much oily.
It is Natural Essential Oil complex with Vitamin E, Wheat Germ, Apricot Kenel, Aloe and Panthenol.

Do you have any reviews about it?:)

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