Little review of my new cosmetic

  1. Guerlain Success Future, Extrait ambre pur LotionImage

Firstly, I really like design!:)) Secondly, it smooths  and calms the skin. No allergy at all and quickly absorbed into the skin.  If you are interested in such a lotions, I really encourage you to try!

2. Estee Lauder Soft Clean. Tender Creme Cleanser


It is just AMAZING!! I’m inlove with this cleanser. Now it is my No.1. Your skin gets as a silk, sooo sooo smooth and nice. It’s very creamy so you don’t need to use a lot, it’s enough 1-2 little squeezes  and this cleanser removes every makeup per your first time. And it is smell amazing. I’m just inlove! ❤  The packaging is so girly, i loved pink and gold details. Your skin feels very fresh, very light it’s just ohh… AMAZING!! I encourage you to try!

3. Yves Saint Laurent Forever youth liberator eye creme


It is scent-free and super rich  Using this creme, you just need a tiny bit of it.  Depending on the price, from my point of view, this eye creme makes a wonderful job. especially if you are using the whole line. You need to take care of your skin with anti-ages cremes not only then you start to see wrinkles but already in your twenties.  I enjoy every time when I use:)


Hope you liked and enjoyed! Next time I will show my clinique cremes which are in the same Top as these ones:)


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